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VASA Executive Director receives national award

December 01, 2016
Pink Tiger

We are very lucky to have the Executive Director that we have- this business is more than his job, more than his passion, it is his life. He lives for this sport and our state would not have the ATV opportunities that we have without him. Recently, he was awarded at a national level by Nohvcc (The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council). We are very proud. Way to go Danny Hale! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Here's what NOHVCC had to say about Danny:

The NOHVCC Perseverance Award is presented “for showing steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in success.” This year’s award-winner is Danny Hale, Executive Director of the Vermont ATV Sportsman’s Association, Inc. (VASA). Said Ehnes during the award ceremony, “This award is presented to Danny Hale, for his ongoing role as the leader of VASA, for his continued efforts to provide quality OHV recreation in the State of Vermont, for leadership roles in national organizations like NOHVCC and BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition), and for his longtime dedication to OHV recreation. And Danny, I want to tell you how much I value you as a board member and a friend. You’ve been an incredible asset for us and you’ve done a phenomenal job in your State. We appreciate everything you do.”

“It’s my passion,” said Hale in accepting the award. “I’ve been very fortunate to turn it into a career. Thank you all.”