State-wide trail Insurance:

VASA is required, by State Law, to purchase insurance which indemnifies the State of Vermont. After 9/11, VASA and many other trail user organizations found it difficult, almost impossible to find such insurance. Through the tireless work of the VASA Board of Directors, VASA has sourced and purchased the policy and provide a certificate to the state. Additionally, VASA has voluntarily extended the coverage amount, stipulated in Vermont statute, significantly.

Individual Liability Insurance:

VASA uses many municipal rights of way and roads in the connecting of trails. Some of these roads require the permission of the town in order for the clubs to use them. Increasingly, towns are requiring that riders have insurance on their machines. As a result, individual liability insurance is recommended to ride the VASA trail system. Many of the towns that allow VASA clubs and ATVs to use their road system as part of the trail system require it. It is the sole responsibility of the ATV operator to purchase their own policy.